Mission and Vision

YFC strives to walk with young people on their journeys from childhood to adulthood, recognizing their gifts for ministry, their questions about spirituality, and their desire to make a difference in the world. YFC strives to help establish a foundation for building Christian character, morals, values and behaviors in young people; by using creative and innovative methods to excite, inspire, capture and ignite them for Jesus. Our goal is to enable young people to understand and recognize who Jesus is and what it is to live for Him. We offer and encourage youth participation in Youth Choir, Dance, Sunday School, Activities, Outreaches and many more.

Tools to help YOUTH achieve and maintain Mission

GAD Big Brother Big Sister Program: Is an in-house youth mentoring program where GAD “Bigs” will be matched with GAD littles for duration of 6 months. During this time, GAD Bigs are to reach out to their little on a consistent basis; encouraging and supporting both emotionally and spiritually. This includes but not limited to, checking on grades and assisting with tutoring (if needed), sharing word of prayer, going out for lunch, etc. They are to meet up or talk outside of church, at least once a month.

Goal of GAD BBBS is to prepare our teens(“Bigs”) for the transition to adulthood through training on how to be a positive leader and role model while demonstrate care and help for another. This also provides positive encouragement for our primary (“Littles”) to go higher and achieve greater in Christ while building lasting and respectful relationships. Enrollment Form is attached here

Youth Bible Study (YBS): Youth Wednesday night Bible Study will be taught 4th Wed of every month. At this time, 2 youth will teach a 10min lesson (along topical teaching) and 2 other youth will have memory verse to recite. Sample lesson planning sheet will be available, to help guide youth teacher if this their first time putting a lesson together.

Goal is for youth to open their bible and study the word of God on their own along with helping them be comfortable with reading, applying and sharing the Word of God with others.

CUP PrayerLine: Cup Prayerline meets EVERY Thursday @ 7:30pm. Attendance will be taken and GAD Buck awarded for participation. This is an encouraging line where youth can come together and have an informal discussion about the Word of God and how it applies to their life and current situations.

GAD Bucks is a reward incentive that can be earned various acts such as, participation in CUP Prayerline, Wed Bible Study Notes, Quarterly Grades, assisting around the church, good behavior during Sunday Service, etc. These buck will remain at the church, in each child’s folder and can be spent at the Quarterly GAD Store: March, June, September, December (Date TBA after Youth Meeting)